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QuadSew v2.5

QuadSew is a great little plugin for Modeler that "sews" pairs of quads together, kind of like Skin does, except that it uses quads instead of triangles to do the sewing and it deletes the original two quads. Plus, unlike Skin, QuadSew knows which way around the skin should go!

Why QuadSew? Well, it's extremely handy when modelling with metanurbs. Read my metanurb hand tutorial to see how it helps!

You can even select several pairs of quads and sew them all at once. QuadSew automagically knows which pairs you want to sew together.

Here's a metanurbed uh... thing... that I whipped up in about 75 seconds with the help of QuadSew. Ordinary methods would have taken, well, longer.

LW 5.6 users: Download

Note: QuadSew for LW5.6 is written in LScript. Read my page on Installing and Using LScript Scripts.

LW 6.5 and up Intel users: Download quadsew.p

LW non-Intel: Please be patient! I'm working on it! :-)

Have fun! - GLYPH