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Furrify v1.0

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You're going to like this one. This Image Filter script adds 3D fuzz to your surfaces as a post-process.

Why? Well, it's handy for adding a quick bit of fuzz to still images. Read my cheap grass tutorial to see how it helps!

Known limitations: The script can't handle images larger than 752 x 486. The length of fur is limited to 0 - 255 mm, because of the Special Buffer only being 8-bit. The fur doesn't cast shadows, doesn't show up in mirrors, and isn't antialiased. Also, the fur is generated randomly, so it doesn't look too great in animations. And what's more, it doesn't work with more than 1 thread.

Argh! Why can't I use Furrify on images larger than 752 x 486?

Well, Furrify is written in LScript. I don't mean to knock LScript, but variables in LScript take much more memory than they do in, say, C++, because of their versatile nature. So Furrify can only safely allocate enough memory for a 752 x 486 image.

Download for LightWave 5.6

Note: Furrify is written in LScript. Read my page on Installing and Using LScript Scripts.

Have fun! - GLYPH